Greetings to all our wonderful friends and partners all over Europe:  HAPPY ADVENT!

And for those who celebrate this weekend The American Way: HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

It is time for us to give thanks to all of you from Absolutt cello!
Thank you for participating in our plans, inviting us back to cooperate and play together, and for believing in Absolutt Cello Faith in Future Tour 2017. All our students are looking forward to sharing the Music and Learning together with you in March!
Absolutt Cello 10th year Anniversary Academy Tours has found wonderful locations, and concert halls and we invite all of the Czech and German Public to enjoy the cello ensemble/soloist/Chamber Music concerts with us in Praha and Berlin!
Absolutt Cello Faith in Future Concerts are given March 12th in Praha and March 14th in Berlin. We are happy to present music from Beethoven's and Mozart's great production and our soloists will provide beautiful music from Grieg and Prokofjev and some surprises too! There will be a big cello performance/project during our stay in Berlin. Some of our talented participants from Young Cellists of Prague will come with us to Berlin.
Extra thanks & Auf Wiedersehen to Tomas Strasil, Hana Forsterova, Hana Skvarilova, Tobias Hartlieb, Steve and Kristi Kienberger and Robert Hale, our great helpers in this project. Big thanks also to Maxi Blaha, Alf Årdal, Anne S. Simensen and our other friends and helpers in Austria, Norway, Czech Rep and Germany, working with us for the launch of Absolutt Cello Academy Gold 2017 - Faith in Future  Part Two to Vienna and Prague in September/October!

And thanks a million to generous Bergesenstiftelsen for the support and their belief in us!
We also thank our wonderful sponsors in UNOF, Oslo Musikkråd, The Barratt Due Institute of Music and ISE Hope and Trust for all their economical support, kind help and positive feedback for all of our projects in 2016!

Most of all, of course, thank you to all the wonderful, talented cellists, and our violinist, singer and pianist associates all over Europe for practising, giving and sharing their music with us, each other and the public! Music makes the world a better  and more peaceful place! Our friendship concerts are free of charge, but feel free to give thanks&donations to our hosts:)
We have FAITH IN FUTURE for all of you! From Oslo with Love:)

 Absolutt Cello and Young Cellists of Prague, rehearsal in Prague Conservatory rooms and Sál, Absolutt Cello Academy 2015

 Palffy Palac Koncertni Sál, Sept 2015

 Absolutt Cello and leader Torfinn Hoffart

 The American Church in Berlin, April 2014
Concert for Hope and Trust with Kristi Kienberger & musicians

The Barratt Due Institute of Music, March 2015: Masterclasses with prof. Strasil/H. Forsterova

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