Absolutt cello sider

tirsdag 20. desember 2016


Our candles are lit for the people of Berlin and we send music and warmth to the victims of the Christmas market terror. Faith in the future has never been more important than in these times.
The world needs faith, and the world needs peace.
Please help us keep the warmth and the peace and continue forming friendships across the borders with music, harmony, openness of mind and tolerance.

For our friends in Berlin, Vienna, Copenhagen, Chemnitz, Belgium, Nürnberg and Praha: We will continue working on the music for the Faith in Future concerts. Our hope and trust is still needed, for the young people of today to cooperate and be happy in the world of tomorrow.
We send all our warmth to the people of Berlin today, and to all the mourners who suffered a great loss Dec 19th in the tragedy at  Kurfürstendamm by the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis-Kirche, a well-known monument of peace and understanding. We are with you in spirit.

FAITH IN FUTURE 2017 is Absolutt Cello's 10th anniversary year, and it will be the most important year ever for our cello orchestra and musical friends throughout Europe, with MUSIC FOR PEACE concerts in the autumn, playing and staying together with cello friends from different countries.
Keep praying for peace, and we will be with you again in March for joint cello ensemble concerts in Praha Academy of Performing Arts and in the American Church in Berlin.
Today, our candles are burning and we wish for all the world a peaceful, safe Christmas time.

Let the Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtnis-Kirche again be the symbol of peace it was meant to be.
Auf Wiedersehen

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Absolutt cello i Praha høsten 08

Absolutt cello i Praha høsten 08
Anna W, Oda og Anna R